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Recently, I have defended my Ph.D. in Economics at the Department of Economics and Business at Central European University (CEU) and now I am on the job market. My main research interests are in econometrics: policy evaluation with machine learning techniques and optimal survey designs. Currently, I am working on a paper with causal trees and bandwidth selection in the context of regression discontinuity designs with heterogeneous treatment effects. Also, I have taught multiple courses at CEU such as data analysis or mathematics. Before CEU I have worked for more than three years at the Hungarian Government Debt Management Agency.

Job market

Currently, I am on the job market. For recruiters, I would like to make my package more accessible:

I have the forutne to have great scholars as recommenders:

Teaching evaluations or other documents are also available upon request. Feel free to contact me via email: reguly_agoston@phd.ceu.edu

Working Papers

My most recent working paper is on honest causal trees and regression discontinuity design, which extends the potential outcome framework with machine learning techniques. My advisor on this topic is Róbert Lieli.

I have two joint papers with Felix Chan (Curtin University, Australia) and László Mátyás (CEU) on modeling with interval data. These papers propose new survey designs when the variable is observed through a discretization process, but one wants to point-identify parameters in the model.

See more on my publications here.


In the past few years, I have taught mathematics and data analysis related courses at CEU. I had the fortune to teach on four programs at CEU: MS in Business Analytics, MS in Finance, and Executive MBA.

More information on the courses are avaliable here.

Curriculum Vitae

You can find my detailled CV here or download my CV in pdf format.


email: reguly_agoston at phd.ceu.edu )